Monday, 2 April 2012

Lee Stafford Heat Protection Spray Review

My First heat protection spray, so I can’t really compare it to any other heat protectors out there. I bought it from Boots and it retails for £7.19, I bought it on the buy one get one half price deal.

It comes in a spray bottle and sprays the hair with a mist that coats each strand of hair.

It has a really strong alcohol smell similar to nail polish remover, I have heard people say it smells lovely so maybe I got a bad batch.

I found that this product didn’t help with frizz, shine or smoothness but it isn’t advertised as such. It is however advertised as helping the hair to get straighter but this was not what I experienced.

I have noticed more breakage in my hair since using this product. If you plan on using this make sure to let your hair dry otherwise it will burn your hair.

Overall I will not be repurchasing because of results and price.

Have you tried this or want to try this? Let me know below. 


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