Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Nail Polish Line Review, Perfect For Spring/Summer

My new obsessions, these fantastic neon bright nail polishes are created by OPI and inspired by hip hop's new queen Nicki Minaj. These in your face colors are a play on Nicki's out of this world style and is not for the faint heart-ed. 

These gorgeous nail polish colors compliment a variety of skin tones from the palest to darkest of tones not only that but they are perfect for this spring and in trend.

Please Ignore my not so perfect application of these lovely jubbly nail polishes.

Let me describe these beautiful colors to you.

First up we have Pink Friday which is the same name as Nicki Minaj's first album, I would describe Pink Friday as a Baby Barbie pink. I have never seen a barbie pink nail polish before, have you?

Then we have Metallic For Life which has dazzling black glitter,silver glitter and blue glitter in various sizes. This is one of my favorites and just to prove it I have two pictures, actually I just wanted to show you it in two different lights. I have to admit I have never been a fan of glitter nail polishes until now, I think because the glitters are in various sizes it gives a really cool effect and its not tacky or childish at all. You can click on pictures to get a closer look.

Next Up is Did It On Them which is a striking neon/lime color.

Last but not least we have Fly which is a bold aqua/teal color.

These Little beauties on average need two coats and they last for about a week.
I bought these nail polishes in a set of 4 but you can buy these nail polishes separately.

Have you got these or want to get these bold beauties? Let me know by commenting below



  1. Beautiful Colours! ♡


  2. Oh I have Pink friday and totally love that colour! Pink is just my thing

    1. I love pink, I went through a faze where I wanted everything to be pink in my room, even everything I wear.

  3. I would love to have all of them except the neon/lime. Especially the Pink friday and the fly ! The glitter polish could be gorgeous for me with one layer of some other colour, like Pink friday for instance:) Too bad I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work as a chef...and for spending almost 8hours/per day on 5days/week I cant wear nail polish almost at all... :/

    1. ah that sucks, well at least you have the weekend to paint your nails :)

  4. i looooove that black glitter polish!! it is absolutely awesome!!

    1. I wear it most of the time because I love it so much :)

  5. aww i wish i can get all the shade from this collection! thanks for sharing hun!
    i'm following u ^^ see you too

  6. I LOVE the pink friday colour, pity I cant justify the price tag! Really like looking at your lipstick posts. Gives me an idea of lipsticks that I may suit!


  7. love this. i'm definitely interested in searching for these colors. love opi nail polish


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