Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tresemme Dry Shampoo Review

So I want to refresh my look and get rid of the greasy look in my hair, I don’t have time to wash my hair and I don’t want my unruly locks to make a re-appearance especially since I dedicated hours to straightening my hair, this is when Tresemme dry shampoo comes to my rescue. 

Tresemme dry shampoo is a waterless alternative to washing your hair. I previously used Batiste which does the job and for cheaper but can leave white stains on my dark as night hair. I went to Superdrug’s website looking for a new dry shampoo and was surprised Tresemme had two different dry shampoo formulas for normal/oily hair and the other for dry hair, I just had to buy both of them to see how they would work.

I have a very  thirsty dry hair but I drown my hair in oil to combat this, as you know too much oil can cause build up and cause one to look like they haven’t had a bath in months.  Greasy hair is never a good look, shiny YES greasy NO. This is why I decided to buy both versions  before you start thinking I’m a product junkie lol.

Today's review will be more based on the one for normal/oily hair. The Tresemme Dry Shampoo comes in a spray bottle similar to hairsprays, the smell of the dry shampoo is quite citrusy and fresh but at the same time has a slight chemical smell which may put sensitive noses off. My steps to grease-less hair involves spraying the Tresemme dry shampoo four times and working my fingers through my hair and then finishing off with a brush. Not much white powdery cast is left with this product unlike the Batiste dry shampoo, in comparison to the Batise, the Tresemme consistency is much lighter and less powdery. 

If your hair is  greasy like a Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) it may be best to stick to Batise as it is more effective in my opinion and more affordable, but if you do have a problem with the white powdery look left in your hair that most dry shampoos leave then this may be for you. 

Alternative Tip

You can use baby powder as an alternative instead of buying dry shampoo, it will do the job and for a lot less, the only down side is it wont give your hair the same kind of fresh smell that a dry shampoo would.  

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  1. I use this one! It works well for me

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