Monday, 18 June 2012

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

I have always admired red lipstick on a women, I love how it can make a woman dangerously sexy, charmingly classy or just stand out from the crowd. But when a woman wears the wrong shade of red lipstick, it can just look totally outrageous, ridiculously tacky or just plain clownish, which is why I have always avoided wearing red lipstick up until I found MAC Ruby Woo.   

MAC Ruby Woo is a classic retro red with blue undertones, I have seen this lipstick on a variety of skin tones and it seems to suit the palest of skin tones to the darkest, Ruby Woo is a lipstick colour that does not discriminate lol, which is why I had to get it. 

The Pros
  • Ruby Woo is very matte, you can't get a lipstick more matte than this, The texture of Ruby Woo makes it a very long-lasting lipstick. 
  • Ruby Woo suits a variety of skin tones 
  • It is a very pigmented lipstick, you only need one or two coats. 
The Cons
  • It is very drying due to it's matte texture.
  • Wearing a lip balm under is a must.
  • Whenever I wear this lipstick I have to exfoliate my lips or my lips will look very cracky.
  • Ruby Woo has no shine or sheen.  
If you are having trouble finding a red lipstick then I would recommend you try MAC's Ruby Woo, it is a gorgeous classic red, but definitely one to avoid if you suffer from really dry lips. Mac Rubby Woo retails for £13.50 

Have you got this, or want to try this? Let me know by commenting below.