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Maybelline Colossal - Volume Express Mascara Review

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Mascara, Mascara, Mascara, I need more mascara. As you might know by now, I love me some mascara. I concentrate most of my make up on my eyes as that's what I like to highlight the most. I first bought the Maybelline Falsies mascara after several recommendations, I'm still on the fence about that mascara, but one thing that frustrated and disappointed me the most is that I couldn't use the mascara on my lower lashes, which is why I decided to go out and get the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara. 

They say
Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express has a collagen enriched formula, that loads lashes with up to 7x more gorgeous volume, conquers clumps with a mega brush. 

Ana says
At first when I used this mascara, I wasn't that thrilled by it, It does thicken my lashes but it takes several coatings to get the desired look I want. The Maybelline Colossal does adds some length to my lashes but nothing impressive. I tend to love mascaras that give me the most dramatic length and volume possible, but I have grown to love Colossal as it is nice to have a really natural enhancement to my eyes. I love how buildable the mascara is as you can do several coatings of  the Colossal whiteout it getting your lashes clumpy, because it takes a while before it dries.

The Maybelline Falsies vs Maybelline Colossal

The Maybelline Falsies mascara 


The Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara 

As you can see from both pictures, they give the same length but the volume is a lot different. The falsies is more dramatic in thickness and more dark, where as the colossal is more subtle. 

The Maybelline Falsies mascara dries quicker than Colossal, which means you have to work really fast with coating your lashes. Whereas when using the Colossal mascara, you can take your time and build up on application. The colossal took 3 coats to reach the level of thickness as shown in the pictures above whereas the maybelline falsies took 2 coats.

I find that the Maybelline Falsies is very hard to use on my lower lashes, unlike the Colossal, which I can use on my lower lashes. Out of the two I would say Colossal is the winner for me. 

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If your looking for a mascara that can add a subtle and more natural volume to your eyes then you might love this mascara. The Colossal mascara is perfect for people who like to apply mascara at a pace they are comfortable with. You might not like Maybelline Colossal if you want a mascara that provides dramatic volume or length. If you love your mascaras that dry fast then you might want to leave this alone. Overall The Colossal is a decent mascara.   

Have you got this or want to try this? Then let me know by commenting below. 



  1. yeah i got that mascara as well, does the job really well, I have seen couple of your make up tutorials on youtube as well. Really informative.


  2. I haven't tried the colossal mascara yet but I am in love with the falsies

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  4. I have this mascara; Love it!!

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    Lots of love; Pauline

  5. Great reviews, just in time as I'm about to buy a new mascara! lovely blog :)


  6. Nice review, you were very thorough.

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  7. Hey girl!!! Thanks for this review! This is not the mascara for me!! LOL! I need quick with volume and drama!

  8. Great review, and it looks good on you. Thank you so much for passing by my blog and following, following u right back. x

  9. Interesting post! I will buy this mascara! I love really long eyelashes!

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  11. love the colossal, great volume x


  12. Great review I love mascara :)

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  14. nice reuslts.. i prefer the "colossal" one.. xx

  15. Hi! Your blog is so pretty, I love the design.
    Just been having a good reaf through all of your posts and I love it.
    I agree, Falsies is best for dramatic eyes, which I like too, although for some reason I seem to think they've changed it, as it goes more clumpy now than it used to. Might just be my latest couple of tubes. Might try collosal asfter seeing your lashes- they looked great!

  16. Wow, your lashes look amazing! I love how you have pictures of before and after with each type.

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